March 2015

Chief's brief

Chief Executive Donald GrahamThe daffodils are out and a welcome sign that spring is here, finally. We are hoping to make the most of the weather in the future by introducing a roof garden at the Civic Offices. The project is in its infancy, but I truly believe that a quiet outside area will improve the health and wellbeing of us all - what better way to de-stress than amongst flowers in the sun watching the honey bees at work!

As usual at this time of year we have been working hard to balance our budgets while demands for services remain unabated. It’s great news that we have been able to give staff a two per cent pay increase, while at the same time freeze our portion of council tax for the sixth consecutive year.

So, a big thank you for enabling us to maintain this situation while at the same time increase levels of revenue. We also hope to be able to approve several major projects later in the year that will represent significant investments to Hertsmere, being good for both the council and our community.

At the recent all staff briefings I was able to provide an update on our current financial situation, as well as major developments within the council. If you missed the sessions please take time to read what was discussed and the presentations given.

I am proud to say your hard work has been recognised by our residents – you can read more about our residents’ survey inside as well as see the full results. Many of you have ‘behind the scenes’ roles. Please know that I can see you do this quietly and diligently, and it has been noticed. Keep up the great work.

Within this edition, there is also guidance on purdah and what it means to you; a reminder of email etiquette and the usual mix of council and staff news.


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