Autumn 2016

Play Area Improvements

Newcombe Road play area

We recently updated a couple of our play areas with some new equipment.  Newcombe Road Play Area in Shenley (pictured above) had the old multi-unit removed and replaced with a more modern unit as well as a rocker, spinning dish and toadstools.  The junior play area at Furzefield (pictured below) in Potters Bar has had four new rotating and springing items installed.

Furzefield new play equipment

An application to Tesco 'Bags for Life grant' has also been made with the hope to install a new piece of play equipment in Furzefield toddler's play area. It will replace the train unit that is now at the end of it's life span and also provide a new hydraulic gate.The exact choice of multi play equipment depends on if and how much we get. We should be notified in October if shortlisted so look out at for our E-alerts plus at Tesco, Potters Bar you'll be able to vote by putting a token in a charity box. If you would like to be notified please sign up to our News for You service.


Windmill Lane Recreation Ground

We have recently carried out the first consultation with park users over improvements to Windmill Lane Recreation Ground in Bushey. The feedback was useful and has helped to formulate an initial brief consisting of potentially using wooden play equipment to create a unique feel for the site with a central ‘wow’ feature. We would look to retain a fenced toddler area, introducing additional play elements for the junior age range outside of the toddler play area, upgrading the existing basketball court by installing a play wall including a football goal, enhancing the landscape by the creation of a wildlife friendly natural wetland to help with the flooding issues within the park, altering the footpath network and new tree planting.  New bins and benches, including a picnic area will also be incorporated.  We are now looking at potential designs for this scheme with the aim to install early next year.  If you would like to be involved with the project or comment on proposals as they develop please email us at

Following a recent tree survey, some of the large oaks and one of the beech trees in Windmill Lane have been identified as diseased and with a very limited safe future. Unfortunately we will have to remove these trees from the park but will be looking to replant as appropriate.

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