Autumn 2016

Update on works at The Moatfield, Bushey

In the spring edition of the Parks Newsletter, we talked about proposed works at the Moatfield recreation ground in Bushey, which comprised plans to renew the old and dilapidated public viewing platform overlooking the historic moat, as well as a project to commission the painting of a mural to freshen and brighten up a large portion of the tired Bushey Rangers clubhouse.

             old viewing platform

Building the new viewing platformViewing Platform

On the 16th and 18th March two tasks were undertaken by one of the Countryside Management Service’s practical conservation volunteer groups to remove the old wooden viewing platform. The group then set about replacing this with a brand new structure made entirely from environmentally friendly, recycled plastic components. Recycled plastic is a much more durable material for use in wet locations like this as it does not rot like wood. After two days of skilful labour, the structure was complete and as you can see from the photos, it looks fantastic! Site users will now be able enjoy views across the moat with all its resident wildlife for many years to come.

Finished viewing platform

Clubhouse Mural

Hertsmere Borough Council in partnership with Countryside Management Service have carried out a tendering exercise in order to commission an artist to produce a mural for the Bushey Rangers Clubhouse building. The advertisements for this contract attracted a huge amount of attention from artists far and wide with 60 expressions of interest received.

Artist proposals were shortlisted according to a strict assessment process and the top three, highest scoring submissions were then presented to local community groups closely affiliated with the Moatfield site, for consultation, so that a winning proposal could be chosen. One proposal won through unanimously and the artist has been successfully recruited.

The mural will reflect aspects of the site’s historic importance as well as interpreting its function as a modern greenspace of great value for recreation and for wildlife. Practical work on the mural is expected to commence in mid-September and will take approximately two weeks to complete.

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