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Herts Year of Culture 2020

My Handscraft


My HandScraft is an Erasmus+ funded project offering both migrant and local crafters the chance to come together, share existing talents and learn a new craft, all whilst picking up the skills to turn their creations into a small business.

The course, run by Community Action Dacorum, takes place over 7 sessions, and is delivered by experienced artists and tutors Tanya Ahmed, Matt Hatton and Bernadine Makin.  Crafts on offer include Macrame, calligraphy, introduction to watercolour painting, card making and upcycling fabrics.  Those with existing skills are encouraged to join the course – marketing and promotion is an essential part of the teaching – and participants will learn how to create an online presence, including a short video showcase, and how to sell their products online and face to face.    

Although COVID19 has interrupted face to face delivery of the course, content is being delivered online and plans are in place to return to in person delivery as long as social distancing regulations allow. 

MyHandScraft is part of the Erasmus+ funding programme and is being delivered in 5 European countries. Its aim is to help local communities find common ground using arts and crafts.  So far, the project has produced the State of the Art Research, trained tutors and held promotional events.   Outputs for the project include a digital guide for crafters and a handbook for tutors wanting to engage with the migrant community.  For more information about MyHandScraft classes and the project, please visit the MyHandScraft learning platform or follow the project on Facebook.

If you would like to take part in the local project, contact


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