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Herts Year of Culture 2020

Junction 7 Creatives

Stevenage – the first new town in the UK – is a place full of possibilities, a place where everyone’s creativity can thrive…

That’s the driving ethos behind Junction 7 Creatives – a brand new arts organisation in Stevenage that will spark, nurture and generate all kinds of new creative projects in the town.   

Gerry Strohm, Co-Director says:

“Junction 7 Creatives came about thanks to the vision and commitment of Stevenage Borough Council and their ambitious Cultural Strategy for the town. Junction 7 Creatives will act as nimble, dynamic and highly collaborative Creative Producers – working closely with artists, partners and our diverse community, to bring amazing new ideas to life in our town.”

Initial projects include the opening of a new premises at No. 17 Town Centre Square, which will offer a space for people to connect and explore their own creativity in various forms – from visual arts to poetry to dance.

If you have creative ideas and would like to be involved, Gerry, Marilyn and John would love to hear from you. Get in touch using the links below or email



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