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Herts Year of Culture 2020

Hertfordshire Year of Culture Museum Object of the Year

Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020 supported this years Museum Object of the Year award. Over 1000 people voted in this year’s awards and nominations which included; a straw plaiting peg doll that demonstrates that working at home was the norm in much of the county in 1851, a placard from a recent Black Lives Matter protest in St Albans reminds us that the legacy of slavery is often closer than we think, and Theatrical Cream made in Letchworth that has been nominated to demonstrate solidarity with theatres across the county in these difficult times.

The awards are open to members of the Hertfordshire association of Museums, a dynamic and active network that supports all people who work for and volunteer in museums and heritage organisations in Hertfordshire.

The Natural History Museum Tring have won this years Hertfordshire Museum Object of the Year Award. The winning object was a Skye Terrier named Champion Wolverley Chummie from the NHM Dog collection!

NHM Tring said:

Dogs have provided comfort for many during lockdown. A selection of the collection went on display at Tring in 1968. The collection is unique because it reflects the efforts of 19th and 20th century dog breeders who developed many of the breeds we see today. It can be used to see how breeds are changing over time, a unique record of the biological diversity of dogs.

Many of the dogs at Tring have their own special history which reflects the story of the humans that cared for them. Champion Wolverley Chummie, a Skye Terrier, was born in 1899. According to the Illustrated Kennel News he was a ‘huge headed pup’ and his coat was considered ‘obstinate’, yet he went on to win 31 championship certificates and was considered a perfect example of the breed.

Mrs McCheane was devoted to her pet; she wrote to the museum in 1921, 11 years after he had been donated, asking whether he could be taken out of the display case for an artist friend to draw and so she could rearrange his coat as it was slightly disarranged.

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