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Herts Year of Culture 2020

H’Arts In Mind – Raising Awareness of Mental Health through Art

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the issues experienced by many of us in relation to our mental health.  Feelings of fear, worry and stress are normal responses to perceived or real threats, especially at times when we are faced with uncertainty and the unknown.  In addition to this are the significant changes to our daily lives as our movements are restricted and lives become more isolated. For many, arts and creativity can be an outlet, a way to connect to others and share our experiences. 

H’Arts In Mind are a Hertfordshire based mental health charity who use art as a vehicle to help those who suffer from mental health issues or who are marginalised from wider society.  

Their most recent project has offered those suffering with their mental health the chance to share their experiences of lockdown life and raise money to fund other projects at the same time.

The Lockdown Calendar features 12 images created by local artists across a range of mediums, reflecting their feelings, experiences and life from the last 6 months.   We’ve chosen a couple here but you can see all the finalists on the H’Arts In Mind website.

Copies of the calendar are available directly from H’Arts In Mind by emailing them at  Further details on price and how to pay are available from their website and all profits will be used to support mental health art projects.   If you’re in St Albans on Market Day, you can also purchase copies of the calendar at the Step Up market stall, where local people are able to sell their own work in a supportive environment.   

For more information about H’Arts In Mind including links to a range of free online arts for mindfulness sessions, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and twitter







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